How to know a good seamstress


Any good seamstress will have a lot of experience and know how to take care of all types of clothing. But, what exactly does it mean to be a good seamstress? Here at Albert Gerald we have Hilda a very talented seamstress. However, here are some things you can look for when determining if someone is truly skilled in their craft:

Do they use quality fabrics?

If you want to know if a seamstress is using quality fabrics, ask them what kind of fabrics they use. Do they have a wide range of different types and brands? Are there any specific brands that they prefer over others? If so, why do those brands stand out for them?

Another way to find out if we use good quality fabrics is by asking if all their customers receive the same type of garments from us. If one customer gets something different than another customer, then this could mean that we are using cheap materials for some people and more expensive ones for others–which isn’t fair!

Are they professional and efficient with their time?

  • Do they have a system for working, or do they waste time by fiddling around with different things in the middle of a project?

  • Do they have a plan for the work they will do, or are they just winging it as they go along?

  • And lastly: Is there anything else that might be important to know about your seamstress’ process when taking on new projects (for example, if she likes to get started right away or if she prefers working from home)?

Can you trust them to work on your clothes without your oversight?

If you’re going to trust a seamstress with your clothes, you need to be sure that they can work independently and do not need your oversight every five minutes. If the idea of handing over your beloved garments for someone else to work on makes you nervous, then this is an important factor in finding a good seamstress.

A good way of testing this is by having them hem some pants or skirts before trusting them with more expensive items like jackets or dresses. This will show if they have the skills needed for these more intricate jobs without being able to rely on your help every step along the way

Are they nice and helpful?

The most important thing to consider when hiring a seamstress is how they treat you. Are they nice and helpful? Do they communicate clearly, or are they vague about what needs to be done and how much it will cost? Are they willing to work with you on making sure that the results are exactly what you want, or do they just do what they want regardless of whether or not it’s what you had in mind.

It’s important to find a seamstress who is good at what they do.

It’s important to find a seamstress who is good at what they do. A good seamstress should have experience and be able to give you a quote for the work needed. They should also be able to trust them with your clothes, as well as rely on their work being done correctly. If possible, look up reviews online or ask others who have used this particular seamstress before if they were satisfied with their service – if not, why not?

You shouldn’t feel pressured into using one person over another; take your time researching different options before making any decisions so that when it comes down to it: YOU KNOW YOU’RE GETTING THE BEST QUALITY SERVICE FOR YOUR MONEY!


Finding a good seamstress is important and can be hard to do. You want someone who is reliable, professional, trustworthy and efficient with their time. You also want them to be nice and helpful when you’re in need of some alterations or repairs done on your clothing. If you are in New jersey Albert Gerald has the perfect seamstress for you! 

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