How To Look Your Best For A Black Tie Event.

A black tie event is a call for your utmost best performance. First things first lets get what a black tie outfit consists of in the traditional sense.

  • Dinner jacket / Tuxedo jacket in simple terms
  • Matching trousers.
  • Pleated white dress shirt (wing tip collar preferred).
  • Black bow tie.
  • Shiny black shoes (Tuxedo shoes).


We are in 2022 now. Do we encourage change ? Always! but our change approach is more inwards rather than outwards on how to look your best for a black tie event or any formal event you have coming up. You have to respect tradition otherwise the event and all the feelings associated with the event and the attire lose their charm and romance. This simply means you can go wild with details and to those who appreciate fashion like you do, trust us, they will notice.  So here are some ideas to help you spice up your outfit:


Don’t just do traditional Tuxedo Shoes do a blend of shine and no Shine. This tells viewers you are already challenging the norm while still looking classy. Compare traditional on left vs our approach on right on picture below. This is not set in stone but you get the idea. change doesn’t have to be loud especially in a formal event.

Keep in mind this information is for black tie event specific. If you are going to a blacktie optional event such as prom we got some wild ideas alright.  Click here to read our take on how to look your best for optional black tie event. 
Jacket and Pants:
On the outside our recommendation is to keep the look traditional. Choose a lapel that is different, here is where you show your taste and views of fashion and the world. On the inside of the jacket we have changed the lining of the jacket to pictures of the customer’s family, red paisley fabric, colorful floral linings, etc. Viewers will catch a small part of your inside of your jacket as you move and talk and right away they will know your outfit is not a stock jacket. Without saying a word you are telling the world you’re not ordinary and that’s what it’s about right?
The loudest person in the room is not always the most interesting but the person who’s calm, collected, and different in a subtle way is far more interesting.
Some examples of lapels are as follows:
Shaw lapel in picture above. slim satin trimmed pants (not skinny).
Peak lapel as shown above is more festive while traditional notch lapel is the classic look.
Slim is the way. Get a pleated dress shirt but in 2022 you can get away with a non pleated shirt although we recommend pleats. Make your shirt yours by changing thread color and off tones on buttons. Monograms are always welcomed. All these tips are subtle ways to look your best for a black tie event. Here are your options for shirt collar types.
wing tip on left. Regular collar down middle. spread collar on right.
For Bow ties make sure it is a self tie BLACK bow tie. You can do textured designs black on black of your choosing! View this how to tie a self tie bow tie if you need help.
We hope to have given you a good resource for how to look your best in black tie event. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have on our chat with us link at the bottom right of this page. Thank you and good luck out there!
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