Even though January is known to be the most difficult month of the year weather-wise, it doesn’t have to be like that when it comes to your wardrobe. We know that almost everyone’s New Year’s resolutions are a healthy lifestyle and great fitness, but that is not the only way to reset your attitude for the new decade. You could, for example, re-invent your entire wardrobe. Try steering away from the dark, funeral like colors and opt instead for something a bit colorful. Just because the weather is dark and gloomy, doesn’t mean your clothes have to be too. 
Here are some tips on how to get started with the colorful winter clothes. 


Staying warm throughout the cold season doesn’t have to be boring. Colors and patterns are a great way to break out of the old, and dull box. Try to mix and match different patterns within your outfit, like the checked coat and the printed scarf shown down below. The reason these two pieces work so well together is because the pattern of the scarf is rather big compared to the plaid pattern of the coat. When you are wearing different patterns in one outfit make sure that they don’t meld together, rather have them stand out against each other. 


January is the perfect time to layer up like an onion. The extremely cold temperatures come with the permission of wearing multiple clothes at once, this makes it an awesome opportunity for you to test out rather unusual combinations. Down below we have mixed garments with three different collars and textures, a black wool turtleneck, a camel colored shell blouson jacket, and a beige corduroyed sherpa jacket. The turtleneck is a great essential and starting point to building a layered look, as it will peek out from under whatever outerwear you decide to wear over it. If the wool fabric is a bit too thick for you, opt for a turtleneck in a jersey material. This should provide you with a bit more of a flexible substitute. 



 In the past decade outdoor gear has become more and more trend-driven and designers started to incorporate those visuals into various luxury brands. That’s exciting because it enables you to dress in a way that is practical and yet super stylish. So if you see a piece in fleece, don’t shy away! Here, we created an outfit idea with two different fleece garments on top of each other. Wearing outerwear also enables you to combine it with sportswear, and this also gives a bit more room to play with when it comes to colors. If you are trying to make a colorful entrance, you could easily do this with a color-blocked sneaker for example. 


If you are looking to stay extra warm and turn the biting cold into something more warm and cozy, cashmere is the way to go. It’s a light yarn, and it’s super soft, and once you wear a piece of cashmere it will feel like the garment you are wearing is giving you a warm and loving hug. 

Try to aim for a cashmere sweater in different colors to steer away from the classic, navy blue or black choice. In this section we have matched this bright item with a scarf in a bit of a darker color to add depth and texture to the overall impression. Playing with textures and different patterns is a great way to have a bit more fun with your clothes in the winter time. 




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