From beanies and scarves to sweaters and gloves – our cozy clothes for the cold season

As the temperatures keep dropping, and the sun keeps setting earlier, the urge of wearing an extra layer or two keeps growing more and more. One or the other person reading this blog post has probably been gifted a self knitted scarf by a family member or friend this past Christmas, and even though this person is probably wearing it somewhat proudly, why not also buy one or two from some of the best designers? 

Below, we put together our favorite pieces of knitwear from the winter collections, that you can start wearing whenever the scarf made with lots of love will start to dissolve. Every item listed below is cosy and stylish, and waiting for you to be discovered and inspired by.  


It’s amazing what you can find in the knitwear department these days. Take this knitted sweater, which is a great classic wardrobe staple for example. It’s wide mock-neck and chunkier handle in a neutral grey will pair very nicely with an earth tone wool beanie and scarf in the very trendy cashmere fabric.  



One thing we like to do here at AlbertGerald is brightening up these dull winter days with a pop of color in our outfits. A very easy and quick way to do this is to throw on a bright hat and scarf. While the beanie shown below comes in a navy blue, it features a pop of color, and the scarf adds another subtle pop of yellow to the whole outfit. But that’s not all the color we are showing you in this sample look; Layer up with a wool intarsia sweater for a stylish take on the varsity look, and brighten up the days like this. 


It’s yellow, and it’s perfect. This sweater is the perfect shade for the colder weather and you can add a dark blue scarf and a pair of fingerless gloves, to give the whole look the perfect finish. Fingerless gloves are also an amazing accessory for the cold season, as you will stay warm while being able to answer important emails, or simply scroll through your IG feed. Btw. follow us on Instagram @albertgeraldtailors  



The season of swaddling oneself in layers and layers of merino and cashmere to protect us from the cold is upon us. If you are like use, terrified from the cold, and you are planing on avoiding to hibernate by locking yourself in at home while bingeing your favorite shows on Netflix, you might think you don’t need any fashion advise. But, if you do have to step out of your home to grab a bag of chips from the corner store, or if your friends hit you up to grab a drink at the local pub, you will be very happy to know how to dress fashionable while staying warm and cozy. You should wear an oversized sweater, a checked twill scare and a bright hat for some much needed color during the grey season. 










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