When I think of corduroy, the first thing that comes to my mind is my old physics professor who was a bit fusty, and all he would ever wear was a pair of corduroy pants with a long sleeve t shirt and a sweater vest. But as of lately,  the perception of corduroy has changed. 
If you have been taking any interest in menswear then you will know that this once unfashionable fabric is reasserting itself in stylish circles. Famous brands such as Gucci, Tom Ford, Paul Smith, and all manner of Parisian houses have been experimenting with this fabric.
The fabric has a very long and mixed history. The origin of corduroy comes from a furry, velvet-like fabric called fustian. It supposedly made its first appearance around 200AD in the Roman Egypt, in a town called Fustia, from which I am sure you can already tell, it takes its name. 
In later centuries, the fabric made its travel all the way to Europe with merchants and began to be produced in England. England was the place where it obtained its distinctive ruffles, evolving into the corduroy we know today. 
A little fun fact about the fabric: In Swedish, the word corduroy is simply Manchester, keeping the legacy of its origin still alive.
In more recent times, the 1960s and 1970s corduroy became the uniform of the anti-establishment, with its soft feel being favored by rebel musicians and artists lik Bob Dylan and Pablo Picasso. Even today there is still something a little rebellious about a tan corduroy suit.
By now we all know that fashion has a habit of repeating and reinventing something that was once considered a “no-go”, which is happening with corduroy right now. The fabric is once again being worn by men of style. But see for yourself down below


His corduroy get-up looks perfectly on point. The color is the right choice for the cooler weather, while the tonal, earthy brown and beiges are clearly inspired by the 1970s fashion of menswear. The glasses he is wearing are also influenced by the same era. As for the fit, we can clearly see that he considered a cut that is tailored to the point where it is not too restrictive. This entire look he pulled together is stylish and something YOU should get inspired by as well.


Aaron Paul shows off in a dark corduroy ensemble. This suit seems to be much more three dimensional than a plain navy suit would. If you, just like Aaron Paul, decide to wear a dark blue corduroy suit, make sure that the suit is the focal point of the outfit and keep the rest of the look simple, without adding too much accessories. The turtleneck that Mr Paul decided to wear with it is the perfect match for this suit. We love it. 








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