During the depths of winter, it is life’s little luxuries that cheer us up: a hearty meal upon your return from work; a mug of something warm with a shot of rum; a feathery duvet waiting for you at nightfall. When it comes to clothes, those small indulgences manifest in the form of boots, down jackets and anything made of the luxury fabric cashmere. 

Cashmere is collected from cashmere goats. The breed produces a double coat: one under-fleece that yields soft fibers and a topcoat. After the goat is shorn or combed, the about two weeks long operation of separating the fine from the coarse hair begins, After this process is done it is spun into yarns. The production process is not the only factor that justifies cashmere’s price tag, the low yield is another reason as to why. On average, each goat will produce just about 150g of quality fibers a year. 

Besides being softer and finer than sheep’s wool, cashmere is also significantly warmer and stronger, resulting in less pilling and bobbling in the finished garments. All of which makes cashmere clothing the ideal solution to our current seasonal predicament. To that end, we have researched and summarized our top 5 favorites of the coziest pieces to provide solace during the winter months. 

If you are only going to invest in one cashmere piece, make it a sweater like this one. Undeniably cozy and in a neutral tone that will go well with just about everything else in your winter wardrobe. 


Both, down and padded jackets are our all time favorites, since they have proven to be saviors of the cold more than once. This Tom Ford example is the perfect mix of the luxurious cashmere and wearable duvets. You will have trouble finding anything else that’s that perfect.  


Cashmere sweatpants are the elite of all things sweats. While it is perfectly fine in most cases to go with the cheaper alternative, if you are one to not settle for less, cashmere ones are the one and only way to go. This glorious pair of light beige sweats will keep you comfortable and warm throughout the cold and dark winter days. 


Bruno Cucinelli is known to be the king of cashmere, and not for nothing we might add. The Italian designer earned the name when his line of sweaters debuted in the 1970s. They are warm enough to be worn without a jacket thanks to the internal padding, and the elegant looking hoodie attached to it proves that he is still to this day the master of the yarn. We know that the price seems a bit over the top, some even say that it reminds them of the price of their first car, but different to your first car, you will actually get good mileage out of it. 


A good winter beanie is something every man needs. It will not only protect your from the cold, but it is also the adaptable sort of headgear that men of any age can pull off. This two-toned cap is made from ribbed cashmere which doesn’t only look extremely stylish, but also traps the heat more effectively. Exactly what men need for the cold days and nights.  



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