What color suits you should be looking for this summer.


The days are getting longer and the temperature is too. Yes, friends, it’s summer and that means it’s time to break out your best suits to stay cool while looking great. My color wheel of choice is classic blue with a coral tie and light tan pocket square. What do you think?

Classic blue

A blue suit is the most versatile color for both men and women. It can be worn in any season and will make you look great, no matter what your skin tone or body type. Blue suits are also great for making an impression at work because they project confidence, intelligence, and professionalism.


Olive green

Olive green is a great color for summer, as it evokes thoughts of the lush greenery that typically blankets the earth during this time. But did you know that olive green can also be an excellent choice for your wardrobe? Whether you’re shopping for suits, shirts or ties—olive green will bring out the best in your appearance.

While this may seem like a bold statement, studies have shown that men who wear it tend to receive more attention from women and are seen as more attractive than their peers who choose other colors (the same applies to women). This doesn’t mean that everyone looks good in an olive suit—but if you do decide to invest in one (and we highly recommend doing so), don’t worry about whether or not it’ll become dated over time: even though it’s been around since ancient Rome and was popularized by American servicemen during World War II, its popularity hasn’t faded since then! In fact, certain fashion experts predict this trend will only continue gaining momentum throughout 2020s…



The color yellow is said to be a powerful color, with some positing that it can create feelings of happiness, warmth and energy. It’s also the color of the sunflower and daffodil—two flowers that are often associated with summertime.

In terms of fashion, yellow has long been associated with safety and caution (think: traffic lights). However, in recent years it has come into vogue as a fashion statement thanks to its bright hue. The lemon-colored dress worn by actress Emma Watson was one such example.


Light tan

Light tan is a great color for summer. It’s a good choice for men of all skin tones. If you’re fair, it will give your skin a nice glow; if you’re brown or olive-skinned, it will complement your complexion and make you look like the kind of guy who just came back from a week on the beach.

Light tan looks best with suits and sports jackets in general because they tend to be lighter in color than most business attire. It also works great with shirts, ties and shoes that are similar in hue – think white, cream or light taupe – but not too dark (too much contrast between your shirt/tie/belt combo creates an odd visual effect).


Coral is a great summer color for suits.

If you’re fair skinned, have blonde hair, or are a redhead: If you have fair skin and/or blonde hair, coral is the perfect summer suit color for you. The same goes if you’re a redhead—coral will look great on you all year round!


This year’s best colors for summer suits.

If you want to look good and stand out in a crowd, go for bright colors. But if you’re more interested in blending into the background and blending with your wardrobe, stick with neutrals like black and grey.

The best colors for summer suits are those that can be worn over a wide range of other clothes. That way, whether you’re wearing a suit or just jeans and a t-shirt (or even nothing at all), everyone will immediately know where their attention should be focused: on YOU! If we were to choose one specific color that is the best for this summer of 2022 we would say it is Hunter green!



Now, suit color is one of those topics that people get very passionate about, so don’t be afraid to tell me which one you like best in the comment section. Enjoy the spring of 2022 and express daily gratitude for all the little things. This will make the colors feel and look more alive!

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