Frequently Asked Questions About Our Dress Alterations Process

The process of altering a dress is a complicated one. It can be daunting to decide what alterations you need, and how much they are going to cost. In the past, tailoring services were only available at department stores or high-end fashion boutiques. But now, with the advent of the internet, there are more options for consumers who want to tailor their dresses by a master tailor such as AlbertGerald

This article will answer some common questions about our dress alterations process and provide tips on how you can have the best experience possible with a master tailor.

What is the difference between dress alterations and tailoring?

Dress alterations are changes to a garment’s fabric, such as shortening or lengthening the hemline. Tailoring is an alteration that involves changes to a garment’s shape, such as taking in or letting out seams.

How much does it cost for dress alterations?

The cost of dress alterations varies depending on the type of alteration and how much work needs to be done. For example, Dresses with one layer require less time compared to a dress that has multiple layers. A dress with one layer will be much cost efficient compared to a multiple layered dress. Does the dress contain beading? As this will have to be taken apart and added back onto the dress once altered by hand. This is a high specialized skill-set only master tailors can maneuver. It is best to consult with a master tailor such as Hilda Diaz. Contact us now at AlbertGerald located in Somerset NJ.

1. What are the benefits of tailoring a dress?

When you tailor a dress, you can make it more flattering to your body type. You might also be able to fix any imperfections that the dress has, like loose threads or stains. Tailored dresses also have a better fit and feel for your body type than non-tailored dresses. It compliments areas you wish to compliment and gives elegant shape to areas desired by the wearer of the dress.

2. How long does it take to get tailored alterations done?

It varies based on how complex the alteration is, but most alterations at AlbertGerald take about 1-2 weeks to complete. We offer rush alterations for an additional fee. These fees are discussed in person according to complexity of garment and time allowed to work on the dress.

What is the difference between an alteration and a dress alteration?

An alteration is any change to a garment that does not affect the basic shape or size of the garment. A dress alteration is a change to the shape of an article of clothing, including length, waistline, chest width, etc.

What are some common alterations?

Some common alterations include hemming a dress, shortening straps, removing excess fabric from the waist and bust area as well as letting out tight areas of the dress, adjust neck line of the dress. add/remove cups, bustle addition, and much more. We can fully customize any dress to any desired design you have in mind. Call today to make an appointment with our Master tailor. Please click on “Chat with us” at the bottom right of this page to get your questions answered.


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