Why a custom tux fit is necessary for your lifestyle.

According to the scientific community, the brain cannot distinguish between real and fake. If you haven’t heard of this, well you have heard it here for the first time. You have probably also heard the saying “Dress for success” Many individuals say it because is true.

With science and society’s survival lessons packaged in quotes, songs, and experiences. We know our appearance has a great deal of importance. Our clothes make us feel certain ways on the inside and communicate to others what we truly believe and think about ourselves and the world. 

Let me shed some truth on why a custom tux fit is necessary for your lifestyle.

When you have a custom tux fit or custom anything. It simply means a tuxedo or garment made to only fit your body. This is done through a process of either creating from scratch using patterns and fabrics or by performing alterations to an existing tuxedo or any clothes to fit your body shape. Once this beautiful artwork is completed on your tuxedo or clothes then you can reap the rewards. If you have never experienced the magic that comes from wearing tailored clothing. I am going to explain to you what it means next.

A custom tux fit is necessary for your lifestyle because it gives you likable arrogance. What we mean is a natural admiration that others will offer you without you having to demand it. As soon as people meet someone, their brains scan them and subconsciously within seconds we sort the individual into wealth/status categories we have created in our brains based on other people we’ve met in the past. Don’t believe me? Ask science. We do this by scanning voices, faces, clothes, posture, etc. Are you starting to see where i’m going with why a custom tux fit is essential to your lifestyle?

Personal Story 

Let me tell you a story of how I cut this extremely long wait line to get into Mr. Purple in the Lower east side in New York some time ago. I did this by reaping the rewards of wearing a tailored fit blazer but the same can be applied to a tuxedo or any clothes really. Here is a fun fact about the blazer, it had cost me $50 lol. I bought this blazer some years prior to opening our business. My tailors, at our store AlbertGerald, worked their tailoring skills on the jacket so i decided to keep it because it fit so well.

I had gone for drinks with a friend in the Lower east side after initially dining in the East Village. We were to meet up with more people as the night went on. I got left behind in one of the lounges we went to because I needed to use the bathroom. There was a wait to use the bathroom and when everyone is intoxicated and having fun sometimes you lose your crew for a quick second. I realized my friends were nowhere to be found when i came out of the WC. (That’s German for bathroom. I’m in Europe currently as i’m writing this blog post). I Called my friend and was told to go to Mr purple rooftop on Orchard st.
It was a Saturday night, I walked there and saw the long line. I made a sudden decision to walk through the Vip line with no reservation instead of waiting in the long-packed z shape queue line. I had a not so thought out plan to literally just walk in pretending I was already inside and coming out for a quick second.  New York is so amazing and full of lights. It carries a vibe that demands your sharpest you in any situation. With this character mode NY brings out of people, the following is true. Anything is possible in New York.
The rush to go see my friends up on the rooftop was my priority at that very moment. I walked forward on the VIP straight line with a posture that leaves you exhausted when you let go of it and a confident look, powered by the gods of liquor, that could only sell if you were wearing the blazer I was wearing.
The blazer fit like a glove and i felt like the most important man on earth while wearing this amazing fitting blazer. Viewed from the back, the blazer created a nice broad shoulder and a perfectly shaped waist, and it perfectly embraced my chest and stomach from the front. If I use my hands to speak, you can see a very subtle impression of my muscles, as my sleeves are perfectly tapered. Not tight arms, just perfectly tapered. 
I walked in the VIP line while being stared at by the people on the long wait-line next to me since i was the only one on the VIP line. As i walked a bouncer crossed my path. I thought to myself “Busted! I don’t have a stamp, now i have to ask how much to get in and then refuse to pay and leave” The bouncer who crossed my path was the main bouncer controlling the entrance who came accompanied by another bouncer. I did not say a word. I smiled while thinking of alternatives to advance the bouncer. I kept my posture which at this point was starting to hurt but was bearable because the tailoring on my jacket encouraged and helped my posture to be better.
All i wanted to do was walk so confident that no one would question me or stop me. You guys know the feeling. Right before i opened my mouth, the other bouncer spoke up to break the silence and said “ah yes i recognize him. He comes in all the time, let him in and stamp him”

Clearly, I wasn’t the person the accompanying bouncer thought i was and i would never pay for VIP service regularly. As a general rule, one can assume in this case, the guy they confused me for perhaps achieved some success if he buys VIP regularly.  Also the last time I was at Mr. Purple was on a Sunday some years ago.
The point is I looked the part, luck was on my side at that moment, and the main bouncer didn’t question my authority because he too scanned my face, posture, and clothes. Bouncers scan many people subconsciously at fast rates and make quick decisions to keep lines moving. The bouncer made the quick decision, I got stamped, and walked right in without saying a word. As i walked in, i caught a glimpse of the people’s faces as I looked back to the waiting line. I received smiles from females and respect from males. Noone hides anything, you can see it in their eyes.
 Though this story is simply one of my drunk anecdotes and a fun experiment. It reassured me of one thing. People will give you slight favoritism when you are well dressed. This is one of many experiences I have had where my clothes have helped me close a business deal. Get friendly help even when i show up to places right before closing time or Set up meetings with busy new clients during elevator speech like moments at gatherings. This one works great for me. Remember, we tell more by showing than with words. My clothes do all the showing for my business. Everyone can take advantage of tailoring and the clothes do not have to be expensive either. Actually let me rephrase what i said earlier:
 “People will give you slight favoritism when you are well tailored” 
This is why a custom fit tux is necessary for your lifestyle. You will look your best and It can literally give a hand, opening heavy doors or seize opportunities that come your way during your daily life.
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Next time you look through your wardrobe, don’t ask yourself which clothes will look the best on you. What you’re really asking is, which one of these clothing pieces will make me feel my best? 

The answer is, Who is your tailor?         

Yours sincerely,

Albert R Diaz.



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