Your guide to the Do’s & Dont’s of Black-Tie dress code

The Guide To Black Tie Events 

Your guide to the do’s & don’ts of black-tie dress code falls between semi-formal and white-tie. The white-tie dress code is the most formal and has stringent Dos & don’ts of black tie dress code. On the other hand, you can wear a traditional tuxedo or dinner jacket outfit with a black-tie event. 

Unlike a regular business function or another social gathering, a black-tie event is more sophisticated than a semi-formal affair. You might often find a black-tie dress code on invitations to formal weddings, galas, balls, company functions, award ceremonies, or milestone parties. 

When deciding what to wear to a black-tie event, opt for classic options like a tuxedo or dinner jacket. You don’t have to wear black for a black-tie event. In today’s society standards a Midnight blue jacket is also a great option. You should invest in both the quality and fit of your black-tie garments. For perfect fit refer to the best tailors in New Jersey. Your look should be simple, elegant, and clean. It’s never good when the trousers are cut too low and the waistcoat is cut too high, so you see the shirt or band seam. You can use Velvet in your outfit, perhaps on the lapels only instead of the body of the jacket and pants. 

The Change In Fashion 

Fashion has changed over the years though we are not in the Old days of feather tip pens and ink bottles. You can use your imagination or click on the “chat with us now” on the bottom right of this page and we’ll answer any questions you have in real time for free! 

A simple collar down white dress shirt instead of the traditional wingtip pleated shirt. Tuxedo shirts offer extra holes in the buttons for the use of cufflinks. A self made black bow tie and you are good to go. There you have it! Your guide to do’s & dont’s of black tie dress code.

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