What to know about suit rentals

Suit Rentals 

Suit rentals are in season. That means you may have to attend a wedding this spring or summer. There are certain guidelines or must know about suit rentals that you need to better decide on the perfect outfit and experience.
The first topic we will discuss is knowing the types of fits available when choosing tux rentals. Secondly how to find the right company for you. Last we will discuss the process involved in the tux rentals process, it is more than just a google search of suit rentals near me.

What to look for in Tux Rentals 

The first thing to know about tux rentals is to keep in mind these are only suit rentals. This being the case many customers when visiting tux rentals stores have had unpleasant tux rentals shopping experiences. As tux rentals amount for a small part of company revenue and tend to sometimes be challenging to meet customers’ expectations such as a satisfying fit of the suit or tuxedo on the body. Therefore most sales associates do not enjoy spending much time in this department and sometimes avoid customers looking for suit rentals. The nature of suit rentals is to fit the majority of people possible therefore these companies tend to make the fit of the jacket and pant a bit bigger which defeats the purpose of a slim fit fitting suit that most customers want in today’s fashion standard.

AlbertGerald’s Solution

These challenges of fit are very common in the industry. AlbertGerald has found a solution far better for you than a simple suit rentals near me search on the internet and hoping for the best. AlbertGerald has taken into consideration some of the most desired features couples want in their garments. Features such as tapered pants in the area of the calves, not just the thighs. Most rentals seem to be slim on the thigh area but leave a large amount of fabric on the calf area. Our tux rentals come with a more tapered leg. Another feature is higher hem length. Most suit rentals have a traditional over the shoe length or even right above the sole of the shoe length which is a very old style fit though its use is making a come back recently. The high hem length that lands above the ankle joint with a tapered look is still preferred by most of the clients planning for their weddings or events.

The Importance of Length 

The next important part to keep in mind is the fit of the jacket. The length of a traditional tux jacket is at the middle finger level or lower. AlbertGerald offers modern suit rentals where the length stands at a length of wrist no longer than the thumb level. This will ensure a modern clean look. as far as the jacket body fit pretend for a second after your initial internet search of suit rentals near me you find a location and go in person to try on the garment. You will most likely be concerned with how the jacket wraps around your torso. Since you are looking for a slim fit look it is natural to be the main concern of the entire look. While this is important keep in mind the fit of the shoulders in the jacket is far more important than the way the jacket wraps around the torso to achieve that slim fit look. if you choose a jacket that fits slim around the torso but is too tight in the shoulder area. it will be visible with the fabric underneath the shoulder seam showing pulled fabric and to make matters worse it will be uncomfortable to move around in the suit. This is an incorrect fit of a suit jacket. At AlbertGerald our dedicated tailors will know how to measure your shoulders and torso correctly and put you in a great fitting modern jacket that fits great on the shoulders and torso. for example, as a rule of thumb, we use being able to fit 3 fingers in between your belly and jacket. These are some of the features and details AlbertGerald has provided solutions for during our 10+ years of experience in the tuxedo/suit rental department.

Tuxedo Color & Its importance 

The last topic we will discuss is the process of renting a suit/tuxedo. you get to choose the style and color of the suit or tuxedo. alongside these are the options of the color of the dress shirt, collar style of the shirt and accessories for the neck such as a tie, bow tie or you have the option to choose a cummerbund as well. There is jewelry available for the shirt such as button pins with different color finishes or you can use the traditional shirt buttons that come with the shirt. Tuxedo shirts offer both options. You will see a button sewn into the fabric and right below the button you will see a buttonhole. You have the option to use a button pin or button up the shirt with the clear buttons sewn on the shirt. You will also choose from optional add ons such as shoes, canes, hats, and much more. The tuxedo order will ship out about 4-5 days before the event date provided by the customer. This gives us enough time to correct any mistakes and replace any incorrect orders.

Contact Us! 

This is a guide on how to successfully rent a tuxedo. Remember a suit rentals near me search online is only the beginning. AlbertGerald understands the needs and expectations of the customer very well. If you are getting married, first of all, we would love to congratulate you on one of life’s biggest and most precious moments. Second, we would like to encourage you to make an appointment with one of our tailors to come and see the variety of options, colors, and styles we have to offer to help you have an amazing wedding/event experience. If you are a friend researching for a loved one’s wedding or event we encourage you to forward this blog post to them so they too can make a wiser decision with this information in hand. We hope we were able to serve good information and hope to see you soon!

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